Thanks to everyone who came down to the show at Radio Social back on December 9th. Next time, look at the other camera.

Hard to believe, but our award winning sitcom has been off the air for almost 9 years. Since then, we have gotten many letters from fans sharing their favorite moments.


Oct 18 2017

Hallo-Ween Show!

Once again the Isotopes and musicians who tolerate them will be performing an all Ween set! Come down to Three Heads Brewing on Friday, October 27th for over-hyped beer and under-appreciated music.

Music start right at 8p. The first set will be the Isotopes playing Isotopes. Set two will be the Isotopes playing all of their Ween favorites and potentially some of yours.


Unofficial music video for Risky Biscuit, available on our new album – The Isotopes Play Surf Music.