We haven’t played in our hometown since December, but that’s not only because we’re lazy. We also recorded a brand new full-length album: The Isotopes Play Surf Music. We’re releasing it on Friday, May 12th at the Bug Jar. More details to come.

Also our calendar is starting to fill up. Add these dates to your calendar and/or commit them to memory. Missing any of these shows would be embarrassing.

Here is some masterful art inspired by our recent recording session:





The Isotopes performed “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey at Skylark Lounge on December 16, 2016. Thanks to Garry Geer and others for the photos.

In what could be our greatest feat to-date, we’re going to turn Skylark Lounge into a bar that’s fun to hang out at.

If you like dancing girls, free presents, christmas songs, and alcoholic beverages, I have good news – you’re alive. And now I have even better news – this show will feature most of those things.

For the low cover charge of just a small number of US dollars you’ll get to watch Rochester’s best surf band whose name doesn’t rhyme with Farmonica Jewinsky.

Santa will know if you miss this show. Remember, that creep sees you when you’re sleeping.

Just announced: The Isotopes are headlining at the Lovin Cup in Henrietta with the Swooners! We love these guys and for this one show they’ll be their extremely unscary alter ego THE GOONERS. Their new Halloween album “Olde Ghoul” will be available for purchase.

Admission is just five bucks. Five?!?! What are we thinking?