In what could be our greatest feat to-date, we’re going to turn Skylark Lounge into a bar that’s fun to hang out at.

If you like dancing girls, free presents, christmas songs, and alcoholic beverages, I have good news – you’re alive. And now I have even better news – this show will feature most of those things.

For the low cover charge of just a small number of US dollars you’ll get to watch Rochester’s best surf band whose name doesn’t rhyme with Farmonica Jewinsky.

Santa will know if you miss this show. Remember, that creep sees you when you’re sleeping.

Just announced: The Isotopes are headlining at the Lovin Cup in Henrietta with the Swooners! We love these guys and for this one show they’ll be their extremely unscary alter ego THE GOONERS. Their new Halloween album “Olde Ghoul” will be available for purchase.

Admission is just five bucks. Five?!?! What are we thinking?


People, if you like listening to our amazing take on surf music but can’t stand our announcer proclaiming we’re amazing, we have good news. Introducing the newest version of the Isotopes – Surf Music Happy Hour. All of the music with none of the obnoxious jokes, lights, confetti, or girls. Just kidding ladies, you’re the best.

The debut of The Isotopes Present: Surf Music Happy Hour will be at Marge’s Lakeside Inn on Friday, August 12th at 6pm. So check out the full face-melting glory of the Isotopes at Dragonfly during Park Ave Fest on Sunday the 7th, then mellow the fuck out with us later in the week.

You seem confused, it’s not that complicated. Watch for more happy hour shows this summer and fall. Or don’t. We give close to zero fucks.

Back in March the Isotopes performed at the Bug Jar. Many people were there and this video masterfully points that out. Big thanks to Jeff Baron at Classy Wolf Media.

Just announced – the Isotopes to headline the Stoneyard Brewing Company’s annual beerfest. $20 gets you all you can drink from over 30 regional breweries. The event runs from 5 – 11, get there early to see your friends the Isotopes and a little earlier to see our friends Ricky Richards & the Sound Organization. 

See the complete brewery list and RSVP here: Notice there is not a single mention of the Isotopes. Hm.

Stoneyard Brewing is in Brockport at 1 Main Street, but other than that it’s a great place. Tickets available online: